Feedback - What our customers say about us:

"...the nicest mechanic I have met." - Caution E. Seattle, WA.

"This is definitely a worthy first review for me. I've depended on Yelp when I lived in San Francisco to navigate the million places to see and go there. Being new in Seattle I don't know what's good and what's not, so I like to read what other Yelp-ers have to say.

I called Lotus Automotive for a quote to re-bolt my exhaust piping on my Nissan Sentra when it came loose. I took my car in on the same day I called, waited for less than an hour, and paid *exactly* what I was quoted.

Bottom line, awesome work and probably the nicest mechanic I have met."


"Take your car to him, you will not be disappointed." - Kat G. from Renton, WA.

"As I've posted before we are moving out of North Seattle and heading to the wilds of Maple Valley. I will miss our vintage apartment but I will miss Zoltan much much more.

My 87 Volvo Station wagon shit the bed again just last week, This time it was the relay for the overdrive button causing my car to be permanently stuck in overdrive. I made it to Lotus and Zoltan diagnosed the problem in 2 minutes. He had to order the part but he got my car fixed by the middle of the next day. He also threw in a new corner light cover for my turn signal lights that my bf had accidentally broken and I had been putting off getting replaced.

This all cost me $190 bucks (parts + labor on the relay only) and took less than 24 hours. Not only that, but when I told him we were moving and I was sad that I would now have to go to another mechanic who might screw me over he said I should call him with any problems and he'd make sure the quote was fair from any other mechanic. OMG, seriously the best mechanic ever. I would give him +10 stars if I could.

Take your car to him, you will not be disappointed."


"Go to this guy. You will not be disappointed" - Kojo R. Seattle, WA.

"I have very few things that I'm attached to. Who would have thought that it would be my mechanic. Through word of mouth my friend recommended Lotus automotive.  When I got to his shop I wasn't sure. It was a small shop, the kind of place where you would think you could get taken advantage of. Wow, I was wrong. Hands down, I've never had  a better experience with a mechanic. I had a water pump and timing belt replaced on my Ford Probe GT. It was half of what I was quoted at 2 other places, Not only was it inexpensive, but he did the work in record time. Fast Service, Great Price, and No add-on's. Friendly suggestions for things to look out for. He even ran a diagnostic on my Audi for a check engine light. $20 bucks, the dealerhsip wanted a $100 for the same diagnostic.

Don't think. Go to this guy. You will not be disappointed."